Solve It Squad - DVD/Digital Download

Solve It Squad - DVD/Digital Download

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The Tin Can Brothers are back with their new original show, The Solve It Squad Returns! The one-act play follows the adventures of a group of former kid detectives. After 20 years of growing up and apart, they must return to the scene of their greatest unsolved case: the murder of their trusty dog Cluebert. A send-up to classics like Scooby Doo, The Hardy Boys, and Nancy Drew, The Solve It Squad Returns! puts its own dark, twisted spin on these beloved characters.

Runtime: 1 hour 22 minutes
Filmed live in Los Angeles


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Ashley Clements
Gabe Greenspan
Lauren Lopez
Joey Richter
Brian Rosenthal

Directed by Corey Lubowich

Original Music by Nick Gage
Scenic Design: Rob Manion
Costume Design: June Saito
Stage Manager: Jeanne Valleroy
Production Coordinator/Props: Amy Plouff