Seriously. Not A Joke. - Digital Download

Seriously. Not A Joke. - Digital Download

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Join internet sketch sensation, the Tin Can Brothers, for an evening of drama as they explore themes including (but not limited to): assassination, free will, class structure, firearms, the merits of William Shakespeare, and the tangible/intangible legacy one leaves after death, all with an absurdist twist.

Are you a supporter of modern dance? Do you appreciate the comedy in three grown men baring their souls onstage for three nights? Do you have two eyes, a mouth, and hearing in at least one ear? Then, statistically, you should laugh at LEAST 3-5 times during this show.

Filmed live at the ACME Comedy Theatre in Hollywood, California


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Written & Directed by The Tin Can Brothers

  • Corey Lubowich
  • Joey Richter
  • Brian Rosenthal


  • Brant Cox
  • Esther Fallick
  • Emily Hanley
  • Jordan Kelley
  • Ashley Skidmore