Spies Are Forever - DVD/Digital Download
Spies Are Forever - DVD/Digital Download

Spies Are Forever - DVD/Digital Download

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From LA-based comedy YouTubers, the Tin Can Brothers, and the Brooklyn pop duo, TalkFine, comes Spies Are Forever, a brand-new spy musical. Join world famous secret agent Curt Mega as his mission takes him undercover during the Cold War! Along the way, he must tango with a Russian femme fatale, waltz around a Nazi villain, and samba through a horde of outrageous characters. With a license to kill and the voice of an angel, Mega must stay alive, complete the mission, and prove that the deadliest weapon of all is a little song and dance!

Filmed live in Los Angeles at the NoHo Arts Center.

Book by The Tin Can Brothers
  • Brian Rosenthal
  • Joey Richter
  • Corey Lubowich

Music & Lyrics by TalkFine

  • Clark Baxtresser
  • Pierce Siebers

Directed by Corey Lubowich

  • Curt Mega
  • Mary Kate Wiles 
  • Lauren Lopez
  • Joe Walker
  • Tessa Netting
  • Esther Fallick
  • Joey Richter
  • Brian Rosenthal
  • Scenic Design: Emmy Weldon
  • Costume Design: Allison Dillard
  • Lighting Design: Julien Elstob
  • Sound Design: Mark Caspary & Matt Glenn
  • Stage Manager: Rita Santos
  • Properties Artisan: Amy Plouff
  • Audio Engineer: Steve Swift